Public Safety Announcement - November 17, 2017

To promote the safety and welfare of our citizens and guests to our community attending the semi-... [more...]


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The Athens Police Department has received information that some local residents have been targets of a “virtual kidnapping” scam. The callers claim to have kidnapped the victim’s loved one and are holding them for ransom. Many times, the caller uses social media to obtain personal information about the people they are calling in order to seem more legitimate. Things to keep in mind if you receive a call like this:
- Incoming calls are often from an outside area code
- Ransom will only be accepted through a wire transfer
- Callers attempts to keep the person on the phone in order to
prevent you from calling your loved one or police
- Try to use another phone to contact your loved one or call
- Request to speak to the victim or ask for a photograph for
“proof of life”

If you believe someone is the victim of a real kidnapping, call 9-1-1 immediately.